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A market for writers

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Post helps writers sell single articles directly to readers.

We can offer exceptional terms to a limited number of writers for a limited period while we are getting Post established.

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A better deal for writers

We believe that strong writers can earn more by selling their work directly to readers than by selling their work to publications.

We expect that articles from established writers will sell typically in the thousands of copies on Post, and exceptionally in the tens of thousands. This is not a guaranteed range, but it seems to us a realistic one based on our pre-launch testing.

Writers set their prices. If asked, we will suggest starting at $1.25 for an article of up to 2,000 words, $2.25 for an article of 2,000-5,000 words, $3.25 for an article of more than 5,000 words. These are sighting shots, each the price of a cup of coffee; they may well be on the low side.

We propose a 90/10 split of revenues, after deducting a transaction cost of 25c per sale, and sales tax where applicable. Thus, for an article priced at $2.25, the writer receives $1.60 for each sale within Europe, and $1.80 for each sale outside Europe. (As a British company, we pay VAT on sales within Europe, but not on sales outside Europe.)

A better deal for readers

To research the market for single-article sales we acquired hundreds of articles from the New York Review Of Books, Foreign Affairs, the Financial Times and The Economist under syndication agreements and sold them to a test audience of 15,000 readers.

This year-long test phase has given us striking insights into what readers value when buying single articles online.

We find that readers care far more about the writer of an article than about the publication in which it appears. It is the byline — more than the publication, or the topic, or the length, or the price — which best predicts demand.

When we started work on Post early in 2015 our plan was to build tools enabling publications to sell single articles from their own web-sites. When it became clear to us that the primary relationship was between reader and writer, we corrected our course to build a site for writers.

How Post works

We accept articles from writers by email. Please send the article in plain text, or as an attachment, to, and please be sure to specify:

— Title
— Author
— Price
— Date of first publication (for older work)

Please also provide an excerpt (of about 100 words) to display on the home page; or you can leave that to us.

We will confirm acceptance before publishing.

We reserve the right to refuse pieces which seem to us legally dangerous or completely out of keeping with the character of Post, but we hope that this will happen rarely if at all.

We think new work will generally sell best, but this is no bar to offering older work.

We hope that writers will use social media to alert their readers to the work that they offer on Post. Let us know if we can help here.

We send out payments to writers on the first business day of each calendar month. Writers can check real-time sales and balances on a password-protected account page.

About us

Post is a new project from the team behind The Browser, which has been recommending writing of immediate interest and lasting value each day since 2008.

The publisher of The Browser is Duncan Brown; the editor is Robert Cottrell.

Duncan will be overseeing the business and operational side of Post at launch: Robert will be primary contact for writers: As Post grows, Becky Ostrovsky will take over more of the day-to-day management.

Toby Mundy chairs Post’s editorial advisory board, tasked with keeping us alert to new writers and new possibilities.

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